Mobile adware on the rise

As many of you may know, there are many apps that are not entirely beneficial, most being for andriod phones. Now that so many people have a smart phone, malware creators are starting to focus more and more on making malicious apps. These can not only steal your personall data, or harass you and your friends with spam and ads, it also drains your battery. A recent survey has shown that about 12% of phones run out of battery completely each day. This can be very annoying, and with 60% of people saying that battery life is the main selling point, very costly.

A trend micro study on battery usage

Adware is now incorporated into many apps, and while most ads are displayed legitimatly, they can now create illigitimate “notifications” or icons, that, when clicked, lead to the advertisers website.┬áMany of these ads also steal your personall info, most of them without any sort of notification that they are doing this. They collect and send data in the background, and burn through your battery life and data usage.

There are many free antivirus apps that can protect agains most common threats, and also many paid apps. I personally recommend either Sophos mobile security, or ESET’s mobile app. They can be found here and here, respectively (Sophos being free, ESET a paid app).

Trend Micro